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Tools and Bloging Tips from Miss Jena and Brand Dot Blog

This is mostly a list for myself to keep track of my resources for blogging, but I thought I’d share this information publicly for others to see. Thanks to other bloggers for doing the same.

Helpful Blogging Sites:

1) RapidWeaver - Love the fact that I own my own software and I am not subject to learning my web hosting companies proprietary software to shove out some cut and paste garbage. AddOns are simple enough and I can pick and choose my own features. Love! Plus, I am able to make several websites. My next challenge is my husbands law firm.

2) A2 Hosting - If you are using RapidWeaver or just looking to make your site look professional and slick...GoDaddy hosting will just not cut it; they don’t support php. A2 Hosting has been awesome for me and my site has never looked better.

3) Facebook - You have to love the ability to create a free business page, but Facebook can build traffic and take your stuff viral. Subscribe to my Facebook page please! I offer special deals on my products once a month in addition to fun projects with lots of pictures.

4) Facebook Developer - Use Facebook to add interactive social media commenting to your site. Requires a little more coding experience.

5) YouTube - YouTube adds some interactive features to your site. It can get boring just looking at words and pictures. YouTube has its own space for you to create a channel with subscribers. Use Facebook, YouTube, your blog and website to promote one another. Subscribe to my channel please! The more subscribers you have, the higher your videos rank. If you happen to see an advertisement that speaks to you - click :)

6) The Share Button - MUST have tool if you want your post to go viral or be shared, but I have found that the code is not always friendly

7) Social Poster - This tool enables you to quickly post to multiple social networking sites saving you time. I don't use it, I post from Instagram out to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr all at once and my Facebook post shoot out to Twitter as well.

8) Google Adsense - Earn money from your YouTube, webpage and blog. Straight forward yumminess. There is a $100 limit you must reach before they will send you a check, but after 6 months of just playing around - I got my first check with little effort. Is that much? No. Is it better than $0 - oh ya. After the first check, they roll in more quickly if you keep posting and promoting. My friends call this my "Mail Box Money" because I don't do much for it and it just shows up in my bank account.

9) Google Analytics - Know what your site is doing. Don’t stare at it all the time, but you’ll be able to see when and how users are surfing your website and blog. Bonus: FREE!

10) Google Places - If you have a location, make sure it is listed on the map. 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when they're looking for you with Google Places for business - a free local platform from Google.

11) Google Webmaster Tools - This tool will show you how Google - the most used search engine on the internet - sees your website. Kinda important. It will show you search errors and words and phrases that individuals have used and then clicked on your site. My favorite so far is ‘tire ottoman’. Tire ottoman? People - don’t put exposed tires in your home.

12) PageSpeed Insights on Google Developer - PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. Reducing page load times can reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates.

13) Tumblr - Micro blogging tool. I don't get this one all the way, but the younger generation swears by it and it is easy to post to from Instagram.

14) PhotoBucket - Provides image storage and editing. I may have PhotoShop on my PC, but I can use PhotoBucket on my laptop, upload photos directly from mum phone and the editing capability is surprisingly awesome.

15) Stock.xchng - Free stock photography, and now that it is owned wholly by Getty Images - safe to download their images

16) Flickr - Stores your images BUT more importantly, can give you iframe codes to put images in your website without hosting them directly for faster upload. Can also change the size for you; mine work best at 500 pixels wide. Instagram can post all images directly to Flickr for you to use.

17) Rich Snippits Testing Tool - Use the Rich Snippets Testing Tool to see how your website information is displayed to users when they see you in a Google search.

18) Google Merchant Services - The place to upload your product data to Google and make it available to Google Product Search and other Google services.

19) TV Time: HGTV opportunities

20) Independent Fashion Bloggers for great blogging advice

21) Monogram Have not researched fully yet, but helps you put together fashion images and links that are monotized

22) LinkWithin is a widget that will provide links to your own blog posts underneath each blog post to direct traffic to your other posts. Downside...Works for Wordpress and Blogger only - not RapidWeaver

23) Rating-Widget - Need to rate something for a contest or add traffic...go to widget. Just drop the code in a stack and mark as code.

24) - Manage your Twitter following by gaining quality followers and deleting spammers

25) Pinterest - Gather inspiration, promote your visual graphics, cross promote and share content ideas with your following.

26) Associated Press Stylebook - News and media guideline for writing and reporting. Abbreviations, grammar guidelines, and more for those like myself who suffer in this department.

27) Instagram - Social photo-sharing application that links to your Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter

28) RewardStyle - Affiliate network that helps bloggers monetize their site. Requires about 6 months of blogging 2-4 post per week, but provides top quality affiliate advertising.

29) Lead generation

ePublishing Resources:

Now THAT is an impressive list of effective tools! Have you used any of these programs? Do you have any additional recommendations? Share in the comments section!

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Fashion Friday gets Urban with Fierceberry Fashion

Fashionberry fierce fashion for Dallas

How fierce is your fashion?

Meet Fashionberry. A women’s fashion store with one mission, “To bring fiery, bold and fierce clothing styles & brands for their customers.”  You'll find a selection of styles and designs of clothing personally handpicked for customers. Find them on Facebook!

Fierce berry urban fashion on facebook


Fierce berry fashion purple jacket

Fierce berry fun fashion denim hat



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When Photography is Artwork: Meet Benjamin

benjamin imagery, nude female in the desert
Tiffany has spent the past week and this week at KD Studio here in Dallas perfecting her catwalk at fashion camp. We have been scouring the internet for posing ideas and stumbled across this artist. Stunning photography. Benjamin Imagery is a Tumblr find.

Ben Sims on TumblrModel poses by photographer ben simsAll about Benjamin Sims photography
A multifaceted Photographer, Director & Producer. Midwest born, Los Angeles based, perpetually globetrotting. Ben Sims feeds his addiction to creative storytelling by capturing compelling moments through a lens. This is a collection of images taken across assignments and adventures. Imagery of people, places and things spanning 7 continents; on land, under the sea and peering into space. Follow on Instagram for daily inspiration.
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60’s Fashion: A Shopping Guide for Vintage Clothing

60’s fashion trends can offer you so many styling variations. This means that you can easily wear the same design, season after season by just adapting it to the current trends. 

Having flattering cuts and basic lines that would complement any figure type, 60’s clothing items are a real win if you have them in mind for your next shopping session.

Shift dresses

Shift dresses should be first on your list if you don’t own one already. They look amazing even if you are pregnant. The simple cut makes them very classy and easy to mix and match for different occasions.  

Shift dress with your 60's style


If you like prints, it’s time to go wild and pick some bold colors and intricate prints. 
Paisley or twirly lines are very popular. If you prefer simple dresses, try to focus on a cool fabric or textured. Embossed flowers or a pastel leather dress would turn heads. 

60's style prints

Flared Skirts

How about flared skirts? They make your waist look even thinner and your legs longer if you pick the right length for them. 

If you are petite, an over the knee length is the perfect option for you. Try not to overcrowd your look with a ruffled top. If the skirt is printed, try going for a solid color crop top and some thick heeled shoes. 

Flared skirt in 60's style

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are a statement piece for 60’ fashion and they are back on the streets. Pick them in a dark blue color and a high waist to make your legs look longer and slimmer. It’s time to take those block heels out of the closet and that collared sleeveless shirt. A simple but yet fashionable look.

Flare jeans an 60's style

In conclusion, every woman needs more shoes, but if you want to invest in high quality, designer pieces, try to be careful what style you buy. 

Semi-round toe shoes don’t really go out of fashion especially if you pick a stiletto heel or even go for flats. 

Talking about accessories, big geometric shapes and bold colors were the highlights of the 60s. 
Don’t forget, pearls are the right choice when you want to go for classy looks.

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Fashion Friday: Now is the Time to Buy Your Fur…Faux Fur that is

Adela Queen for custom faux fursI am often asked how I come buy such extravagant and fun clothing and not go broke. The secret is sometimes just a matter of timing. And now is the time to purchase your winter coats of the furry variety. A fur coat is such a classic, unlike clothing pieces, the best ones are timeless. But what if you still can’t afford that mink coat even at half off? Or you are anti-fur? Faux fur baby! My issue here has always been finding companies that sell faux fur that looks classic, sophisticated and as realistic as possible. 

Bring on Adela Queen. I had the pleasure of coming across this find and am blown away by their pieces. They are not basement prices, but they approach faux fur coats in the same way with the same quality that you see high end designers doing. Stitching is impeccable. materials are fine and the designs have the same classic look and feel as genuine fur without all the animal sacrifice.

Bonus - and my favorite part - they do customs! So if you have a favorite fur coat, they’ll replicate the design in an animal cruelty free way. Awesome!

I was so inspired by the fur inspired pieces at Adela Queen, I put together a few Polyvore style pictures together with the Jamberry Wraps or a party I am hosting online. Why "fur inspired”? Faux fur sounds so gauche and brings up images up cheap plastic costume attire. These fashion staples are genuine replicas for those in the market to not spend as much or value animal rights, because who has $25,000 laying around for a genuine mink long coat.

Adela Queen and Jamberry Nail Designs
Adela Queen custom faux fur with jamboree nail wrapsAdela Queen fur inspired designs, cruelty free fur with jamboree nail wrap designs

If you are in the market for a fur inspired piece, please check out Adela Queen. They are online and are expanding their offerings everyday. 


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@g33kchic rocked the runway tonight at the finale for the teen fashion camp at #kdstudios. #runwaywalk greatly improved by #runwaycoach @williejohnson3 ððð Wish she would have held that #pose just a moment longer! 
#modeling #runwaymodel #cerseilannister #hairstyle

@g33kchic rocked the runway tonight at the finale for the teen fashion camp at #kdstudios. #runwaywalk greatly improved by #runwaycoach @williejohnson3 ððð Wish she would have held that #pose just a moment longer! #modeling #runwaymodel #cerseilannister #hairstyle

Sometimes you need a little crazy in your life and I am perfectly capable of assisting you in this department.

#crazy #youneedcrazy #heretohelp #crazygotnothingonme

Sometimes you need a little crazy in your life and I am perfectly capable of assisting you in this department. #crazy #youneedcrazy #heretohelp #crazygotnothingonme

Fabulous #TheMakeupShow find!!! Nails by @officialstaticnails rocked the runway tonight with @g33kchic #modeling

Delish #nails #nailart #naildesign #reusablemanicure #staticnails #ionlywearstatic #staticshot #swarovski #luxury

Fabulous #TheMakeupShow find!!! Nails by @officialstaticnails rocked the runway tonight with @g33kchic #modeling Delish #nails #nailart #naildesign #reusablemanicure #staticnails #ionlywearstatic #staticshot #swarovski #luxury

I wish I had my children's' super long curly lashes 
#lashes #longlonglashes

I wish I had my children's' super long curly lashes #lashes #longlonglashes

Tried Jamberry Nail Wraps for the first time tonight. Check the video on our YouTube and Facebook page. 7 minutes to do the first hand. 2 hand after I figured it out only took 3 minutes. 3 minutes to a perfect manicure?? Yesssssss 
#jamberry  #jamberrynails #firsttime #love #weekendready #ootd #picoftheday #fashionista #nailart

Tried Jamberry Nail Wraps for the first time tonight. Check the video on our YouTube and Facebook page. 7 minutes to do the first hand. 2 hand after I figured it out only took 3 minutes. 3 minutes to a perfect manicure?? Yesssssss #jamberry #jamberrynails #firsttime #love #weekendready #ootd #picoftheday #fashionista #nailart

My best advice 

My best advice #wordsofwisdom

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